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11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

This 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver is an infrared universal remote control that is compatible with almost any piece of your home entertainment system. Use it on your TV, DVD player, Ipod dock or anything else with an IR remote.

With 4 operational modes (including practice mode) and 3 memory banks, a total of 39 commands can be stored in the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, giving the option of operating multiple home entertainment devices with a flick of the wrist. It has a green flashing tip and works through a series of 13 short gestures like rotating, flicking, or tapping. A guided set-up procedure uses spoken prompts to match gestures to commands learned from existing remote controls. If you're worried about others in your home using the remote, you can even set a 3-digit PIN so all your settings will remain intact!

Wave your Sonic screwdriver at your TV to turn it on, rotate it to adjust the volume, or tap it to change channels. Start your DVD player with it... the possibilities are amazing. Even the documentation is fabulous.

This is the coolest thing we have seen in ages. And that is before you start looking for the Easter eggs!

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